Tips on Choosing Carpeting for Your Stairs

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Carpet on StairsThere are many people who are looking for a great carpet for their stairs and most of the times, they just don’t know what to regard when considering one such purchase.

In the following paragraphs, this article will take a closer look at some of the Tips on choosing carpeting for stairs people need to keep in mind before buying one.

Color and Pattern Options

While in the last century’s decorating trends the same color was used for all the rooms, it seems that nowadays people have learnt how to appreciate diversity and the mixing of accessories, eras of furniture, fabrics and styles has increased a lot, which only resulted in more options for carpeting stairs flourishing. For instance, there are too many people nowadays who are using complementary patterns which are available in regular carpets, but also compatible styles and naps.

Major Considerations

If people want to buy carpets that are to be used in areas where elderly or people who are suffering from visual impairments will walk, it’s best to disregard carpets with floral or large modular patterns. The reason for this is that they can cause confusion or dizziness as to where the steps end and where the steps begin.

Also, a sample of patterned carpet should be obtained for a trial placement for it will be used. Patterns and colors that look nice in a store may not look the same when used in the room the individual wants to have it in. There are multiple factors to keep in mind and some of them include the accessories and art in the neighboring room, materials and finishes of the furniture, colors of the staircase and the trim, but also the size of the space.

Light versus Dark Colors

Many people make the mistake of choosing carpeting in a light color, most of the times white. Even though this is a great idea for creating the illusion of spaciousness, it’s not a great idea if it will be installed on a staircase that’s going to be used regularly. The effect of simple foot traffic dirt will thus be visible immediately and it will also be perpetual.

Full-Step Carpeting or Runners?

Because they can now be installed easily and they have finished edges, runners are a great option to consider. Based on the width of the stairs, size of the risers and number of stairs, a clear cut chart at the carpet store will define the length of the runner. The majority of them will fall in the twenty seven to thirty two inch wide range and they’ll also usually leave around 6 inches of exposed stair on either side. However, for those who want to conceal the stairs, it’s not recommended that they’ll use runners.

That is why their alternative lies in covering the stairs completely. It’s an alternative that’s costlier and also more labor intensive. To create a tailored and neat finish, a professional installer can wrap the cut edges around the edges of the stairs or the carpet can just be bound. It seems though that the best effect can be achieved by going for a low pile carpet, because going for a high pile will just create a bulky image detracting from the staircase’s architectural flow.

With that being said, those who will want to go for great carpeting to cover their stairs, considering the carpet’s durability is very important. The highest durability is generally the one to go with, as it will guarantee that carpet will last for many years to come.

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